Almost billion of gamers in the world are female, did you know it?

Considering gaming usually makes thoughts about typical gamer as a geeky teenager playing all the time without real world life. But that exactly not true according last researches and statistic data.

Moreover women place almost half of all gamers. Yes, if you still think that gaming is men world it is completely different!

Minority of gamers were female only since 1990s. But starting from 2010th female gamers the gender ratio has become closer to equal and now moves closer to the half of all gamers.

Female gamers even have more communities in the network – on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, special websites only for women who plays games. And some of female gamers are participants of gaming communities without gender consideration.

Data for 2017th says that women made up 45% of U.S. gamers. As the latest Newzoo research conducts, in 2019th from 2 billion gamers in the world 46% are females, what means almost half of all users. For 2018 women became biggest mobile gaming consumers, for 2019th this tendency will continue. So cannt we say that male domination is already at the past?

Coming back to Newzoo research we consider women as very important gaming users. Of course they have their special features. Most of women are not constant player, they only time fillers. The audience age of female gamers is 10-65 years. And they tend to play more often than men gamers on their smartphones or tablets according to 2017 research.

Female gamers play any games

Women are more sensitive and tender than a man, that’s why they need games without many bloody scenes and murdering. This is one sight, because a lot of women play GTA (Talia, Anna, Jessie – every women find themselves), Resident Evil (women plays as Rebecca Chambers, Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield, Sherry Birkin – and it’s not the full list of hot babes from game), Sims, Mass Effect (Andromeda, Sarah Rider, Shepard and others), League of Legends (a lot of sexy women characters to choose), Overwatch, Call of Duty (Medusa, Scarlet can conclude mission), Minecraft – even my young niece is playing! So not only vanilla games about love and prince buying an engagement ring.

What we can exactly agree, that women choose games where they can play as women hero. But even men choose playing by women character sometimes. So no need to make any frames, we are all gamers.

Women character greets you at game chat. And every women will be happy to save the world as a Lara Croft or Wonderwomen. That’s why developers count it and create a lot of games for women as well. Only 2019th brought us Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, Ori and the Blind Forest, Celeste, Life is Strange, Horizon Zero Dawn – this last one seems interesting not only for women, but has strong female protagonist.

Most of computer games developers make gender-neutral games, where women can choose women character, see screenshots and icons with female looks and play someone similar to them.

But women play a lot of the hardcore action games even male-dominated genre. And this is historical fact because such genre was always the most popular in the world. Female users enjoy gaming same as men and there’s absolutely no reason why they wouldn’t.

Of course some women consider games like League of Legends as sexism because it destroys real women image. But in male games protagonists men also seems not real. They are stronger, more handsome, clever and having better life conditions. In real life it is not so easy to find husband or boyfriend with hero narratives from game.

Japanese gamer even married video game character, because he decided he cannot live without Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus. Do you think he is crazy? Or just finding the way to be happy?

So, let’s not forget that this is just a game and choose a game we like and enjoy the colors and incredible possibilities of virtual world as we enjoy movies with different point of view.

Who are female gamers?

You can imagine male gamer but for female gamer you think about some girl with colored hair and anime hoodie. And you will be wrong, because 2019th typical female gamer portrait is a woman of thirties-forties, financially independent, can be with kids, or just young specialist starting the career, women working with technologies and has to check all latest innovations to keep their mind sharp.

Look around, they are everywhere! The mom who plays during her kid has a nap, the accountant or office worker, who talked to people all day and want to relax, the manager who want to spend money on gaming.

And even it becomes clear why all women go to the ladies room together – to talk about tips on video games!

Gaming quickly makes better mood and helps to make stress relief from real life problems and worries. That is known fact, that women are more emotional than men, that’s why they need gaming even more than men.

Playing the mobile games is easy and quickly, you can make it on the go. Only one problem comes to the mind: the best video games are too heavy for the simple smartphone or old-school PCs…

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