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Strategy games are very popular in gamer’s world and in real life. Playing this kind of games trains your brain, teach the team-working, help to learn the business awerness (you can forsee the next opponent step) and even makes you look smarter. Tell someone you play chess or admire of strategy video games and you notice how their face changes with respectful view, isn`t it?

So, if you like thinking and decision-making, difficult rules, plenty of heroes and endless gaming world, strategy games are your choice.

At the network you can find a lot of requests about strategy game exact definition. Same as how many people have so many opinions. But the main unreasonable thing which determines strategy game is that this game refers player’s attention not only to direct fighting for victory. In this case he has to make a lot of decisions which have significance for the outcome. Strategy game player should see the whole picture and think two-three steps ahead.

What are strategy games and why they were cut out to be?

Most people confuse strategic game with tactic. The difference is that tactic only needs some organization and right things execution, better if in good speed. Strategy is about general scheme of things – not about only one or two decision, but about tree style thinking and situational awareness: what will happen if I make this or that here or another place, with this team or another.

The most famous strategical game is Chess, where all pieces have their skills and moving abilities. Interesting fact, that this game portrays look very similar to historical European military positions. Here you can find knights, soldiers, bishops, rooks, kings and queens.

Another famous strategy game is Wargaming, where gamer is playing on the board or map with physical models, people miniatures, equipment to protect their state or to fight for new territories. Such kind of strategic game requires good knowledge of war battles and tactics, diplomacy, allies and being a good leader.

Other known types of strategical games are an abstractgame, where rules doesn’t simulate reality as usal but attempts to the internal game logic; team strategy game, where team players skills grow at the game progress; eurogames – something between strategy game and simulation, because they have simple rules and towards rather economic than military themes; simulations mean all about decisions relatively same to real-world situations.

All real time strategy games became roots for video strategy games and even save some their features, including different characteristics for each hero at the game and similar tactical particular qualities.

Strategy gaming strategy works more likely as “dexterity strategy” than “thought strategy” but computer game developers promise that they are going to present something more thoughtfull.

Strategy video games determination and their types

You have exactly played strategy video game, so it won’t sound surprisingly that there are two main types of strategy games – real-time strategy (RTS) and turn-based strategy (TBS).

Real-time strategy games or RTS

This game category offers player continuous gameplay, which changes independly from player actions. At one moment you join game with one state and half of hour later it has changed including its resourse obtaining, bases building, technologies resarching. The goal here is to development and strengthing of your state or base using resourses, building of units and defeating from the enemy. Events come quickly and such game is usually multiplayer.

Real-time strategy (RTS) in comparison with turn-based strategy games, where each player doesn’t need to hurry and can carefully think about the next step without worries about his opponents actions, requires player to use and build his resurses, defend from enemies knowing that players opponent does the same at the moment. That is why you cannot rely only at the information you know and you have to think about opponents next moves variants.

The most popular RTS games are “Age of Empires”, “Warcraft”, “Starcraft”, “Command and Conquer”, “Warhammer”, “League of Legends” etc.

Because of its unstoppable development many gamers claim RTS games to be called as RTT –real-time tactical, that understandably. Real-time strategy gamer success depends mostly from tactic and strategy sometimes stays not even envolved.

Turn-based strategy game or TBS

Another type of strategy game is turn-based strategy (TBS), where the player has time for analysys of his actions before next step in a game. The thing what distinguish TBS games from RTS games is that in first category player and its ipponent plays at the same time, and in TBS they move according their turn with diplomacy. The turn can be same every time – one by one, if it’s ranked order, can be selected by first player if this is a round-robin start and can be selected randomly in randome game style.

The most popular turn-based strategy games are “Master of Orion”, “Making History”, “Civilization”, “Advance Wars”, “Heroes of Might”, “Magic”, “Battle for Wesnoth”, “Total War”.

In reality same like in movies world every strategy game cannot have clear genre. So there are ome recent games which combine RTS and TBS features at the same time. 

Other strategy game types:

  • turn-based tactics (TBT), where players use combat forces for their task compeletion with orientation on real or beliveble military tactics;
  • massively multiplayer online real-time (MMORTS) game, wich offer players persistent world evolving even when player goes offline;
  • real-time tactics (RTT) which can be a part of real-time strategy and focuses on complex battlefield tactics;
  • tower defense – player builds towers which slow enemy and kill monster earning money for more towers;
  • 4X game, where player has to control an empire and emphasise more in economy and technological development, not in military;
  • Artillery game involves two- or three-player (usually turn-based) to combat fightings with tanks;
  • Auto battler (auto chess) refers playing with chess-like elements;
  • Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA), where player has to control single character in one of two teams and has to destroy the opposite and march forward along set paths;
  • Video Wargame requires player to choose an area for conquer and use fighting battles tactic;

Meet best strategy games for 2019th

And now we want to introduce you the list of the best strategy games of 2019th by research of one of the gaming portal. The list has been preapared according the main characteristics which make strategy game funny and exciting; for example, everything in this game should go smoothly and work like perfectly oiled machine. The challenges should be diverse and every time you start playing it will open plenty of new options. These are only few features which will make you addicted to one game for a long time.

One of best strategy game of 2019th is “Sid Meier’s Civilization 6” (available on PC, Nintendo Switch). This kid is considered as one of the best 4X turn-based style strategy game. Players who used to play before earlier versions will be happy to find some new elements and those who join firstly will find enough tutorials to get grips with general concepts of the game. “Sid Meier’s Civilization 6” will allow player to control and develop whole civilization from Stone Age till Information Age (even with climate changing!) and choose one of twenty leaders with different agenda.

PC strategy game “Anno 1800” is great strategy game, because you can run any landscape and any city you want. The time is an Industrial Revolution, which gives a lot of opportunities for economical, social and environmental developments. You will use various technologies and different social behaviours to reach success of your colony.

Another great strategy game of TBS type is “Into the Breach” (available on PC, Switch). This alien-fans strategy game will require clever and carefull decisions to protect the earth from alien nasties known as the Vek and to defeat your motherland from every challenge you encounter. And this game gives really a lot of challenge varieties. Couldn’t make it from the first time? Just restart if you fail and begin one more time.

Next best strategy game is “Total War: Warhammer 2” (for PC). Players will have to participate in massive real-time tactical battles against a diverse range of foes. You can choose one of eight different race Legendary Lords from Warhammer world and own variable playstyles and features, to control of the vortex.

Famous “XCOM 2” (available on PC, Xbox One, PS4) came also to the list of best strategy games of 2019th. One more game about aliens has bigger scope than its earlier version. You have to protect earth with last team who fight against enemy and every your decision can make death influence for your troops. New enemy “The Chosen” seems really terrifying and you will have to think very hard about tactic and strategy.

If you play “Wargroove” (available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch) you will dive to the world of charming 2D pixelated graphics. Players choose one of three different modes – arcade mode, online mode or puzzle mode, and one of twelve different commanders with own unique character, skills and motivation. This fantastic turn-based game involve you in different buttles, you can create your own challenges, customs, create maps and even change up the rules of the game without using any mods.

If you want to manage entire city, choose strategy game “Cities: Skylines” (available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch). Your city can meet natural disaster or just traffic jams, but you can solve its all problems to make its citizens thrive. As in real city you will work on city provision in education, healthcare, electricity, water, law enforcement. And it’s not so easy to make all of it working right way, but it’s possible and incredibly rewarding.

Fight, make explosions and grand battles in space with “Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2” – strategy game for PC. Imagine plenty of massive spaceship battles in the Warhammer 40,000 universe where you command and concquer your style. Now you can use tons of customization options for your ships and choose one of twelve factions to stand against the enemy. It is your choice just to fight in buttle or arrange one of three main faction solo campaigns – the Necrons, the Tyranids and the Imperium.

Best strategy game in RTS type “Stellaris” (available on PC, Xbox One, PS4) will take you to space, where you will manage an interstellar empire with different race, faction traits and government system accessible in the game. You can wage war and make colonies on other planets or you can also peacefully explore – here you have plenty variants of things to do. All your succesfull steps will be rewarded with new challenging strategic spaceship battles and management systems.

We are ending up our list of best strategy games with “The Banner Saga” (available on: PC, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch). This game is for one who doesn’t like to hurry, and it is nice deep rich story TBS game. It will make you enjoying of Viking world populated by the Dredge race, which hate human and manage strong army. All battles and tactic accompanies with perfect image and ingredible art, what makes game giving more esthetical satisfaction.

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