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“Madden NFL 20’s” Superstar KO new mode gives party inspiration

For the start let us introduce this new mode of game “Madden NFL”. Why do we call it party game? Because new free update Superstar KO turns just football into a party mood video game.

Battle between NFL legends like Jim Brown and Lawrence Taylor and other players continues from five till eight maximum minutes in comparison with usual time of football match with the length of 40 minutes. In all game you see DJ Khaled, and game goes funny and high-action, players has really bright uniform and ridiculous coaches (Esquire).

You can play with up to two more friends trying to win during four matches. If your game goes good, one legend player will join your team. Playing this game requires from you same actions which football player usually do – offence and defense, running, passing, or any other actions what you will need to make for victory.

Pricing: $59.99

“Spyro: Reignited Trilogy” comes to PC

If you’ve played before “Spyro” you know that this was a charming retro 3D platform which you can play as purple dragon travelling in fantasy world.

One year before developer studios Iron Galaxy and Toys for Bob have changed the game from the ground. So you barely can find something similar as a kid-charming to the first versions.

But good news is that now you can play on PC all parts together in “Spyro: Reignited Trilogy”. There you’ll find the original “Spyro the Dragon”, “Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage!” and “Spyro: Year of the Dragon” (PCgamer). If you find pleasure in some modern tricks with HD quality then retro you will enjoy.

Pricing: $44,99

“Lucky’s Tale” creator will fund $23 million to new project

Game developer Playful Studios, who made the Lucky’s Tale series of games see the future of video gaming world in spectator-enabled games. Company’s work on virtual reality will continue but its content will depend from market needs. Most investments will go for more traditional platforms, because virtual reality hasn’t show itself as expected. That’s why company output “Super Lucky’s Tale” for the consoles, for example.

Now on Playful start something new, but no clarification yet what it will be.

“We have turned to a new frontier that we are very excited about,” Bettner said. “It differs from anything we worked on before. We’re working on a large project. It’s about the fact that video games are becoming a spectator sport. We see in our own audiences that we have more people watching people play our games on any given day than are actually playing them. I fundamentally believe that what we are saying with Twitch is the birth of a brand new platform for video games, a new way to enjoy interactive entertainment.” (Venturebeat)

If you want to play “New Super Lucky’s Tale” for Nintendo Switch, it will be launched on November, 8.

Long-waited multiplayer mode will be available on “Cyberpunk 2077”

Few days ago CD Projekt Red who created “Cyberpunk 2077” confirmed that after its release on 16 April, 2020 and all DLCs game will officially have multiplayer mode as well.

Before it was only as an experiment, but a lot of reviews forced developer to finalize multiplayer mode to the full version. This is really long-waited news because until this announcement multiplayer mode was only in R&D and it wasn’t clear it will be included or not (Gamesradar).

“Cyberpunk 2077” will be released on 16 April, 2020 and available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Play as Dave Bautista in new “Gears 5”

Dave Batista – american actor and former wrestler, who had performances on WWE, also famous with his big height and massiveness became a character of “Gears 5”.

Creators started from making Batista as Marcus giving him Markus armor and his story line. And then players can try on an image of huge fighter “The Animal” Batista with his signature Hollywood shades and creepy voice to play brutal game.

“Gears 5” is the direct extension of “Gears of War 4″.it’s a classic shooting game from third face. New chapter will be launched on September, 9th and it promises to be even more exciting and bigger, and five thrilling modes will make battles hotter.

Pricing on pre-order:  $59.99

Japanese game about frozen world gains popularity

Producers of new video game “Project Winter” didn’t expect such success of their kid. And now it’s selling up to thousands of copies every day. The biggest popularity game has reached in Japan and will be presented on Tokyo Games Expo (Vocm).

The game, where players need to gather in a team for fighting to survive in the conditions of cold and frost, beats charts. The diligence of players to survive is tangling with a traitor, who works for everyone failure.

Pricing: $19.99

Race on the toilet with Japanese game “Gekiso! Benza Race: Toilet Shooting Star”

Did you want continue playing even at the toilet? Now this time came, but toilets are virtual – thanks god. Meet another Japanese video racing game where cars looks like toilets! And there what is there fuel we really don’t want to know even hypothetically.

Player can choose one of elite toilet racers from around the world. For example for America is Gary Splash in national flag colors suit and of course with no pants! In such type dress you will be able to fight with your foes using special weapon like toilet paper roll and shoot with water stream from your toilet sit. And if you receive giant white eggs looking like suppositories you’ll become extremely fast (Nerdist).

Pricing: $6,99

“LEGO Star Wars Battles” and Stranger Things 3: The Game comes to mobile

Star wars fans who like playing on mobile will be able to make it with “LEGO Star Wars Battles” in 2020. Developers promise that this competitive strategy game will arrive to both mobile systems iOS and Android close time.

Previously tied to special gaming platforms game “LEGO Star Wars Battles” were based on adventures only. In mobile version players can chose character with light or dark forces and battle online in real time with opposite in multiplayer mode. For you only need to choose who are you – Rey, Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker or any other hero from all nine saga films, “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” and “Rogue One: A Star Wars”.

Release of mobile “LEGO Star Wars Battles” will be on 2020.

If you are similar to many other fans which doesn’t want to say goodbye to great series of “Stranger Things 3” you’ve already tried playing the “Stranger Things 3: The Game”  launched same time with third season of the show.

Now we want to gladden you because game goes to mobile with some price changing. Except mobile version whole game has got some noticeable visual and gameplay changes. Whole image became more quality and has got 16-bit graphic. If comparing with previous game for PC where players could watch only from up, now it allows full isometric view.

Pricing: $9,99

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