Hello our dear gamers, today is Friday, and it means Boosteroid want to share with you all the most interesting news and events what had happened during this week. We always want to make sure that you enjoy time with us, so hope this time we won’t disappoint you also.


For the start allow us introduce one of the event where Boosteroid Cloud platform was presented – Comic Con Ukraine. And it was fabulous!


Comic Con Ukraine – how it was and the brightest points


Last weekend in Kiev one of the most famous comic’s festival took place. The speciality of its event is that all vistors dress costumes of their favourite characters from movies, comics or video games. In addition to bright show participants conquer in gaming tournaments, different competitions and visit meetings with famous actors, writers and game developers. This year festival was pleased with presence of top-guests Christofer Lloyd from “Back to Future” Danny Trecho from “Machete”.


Comic Con 2019 Ukraine visited almost 30 thousand of people and more than half of them were dressed as different heroes from movies, comics or video games. If you walked there you exactly met Jesus, Dragon Mother Deiner from “Game of Thrones”, Captain Jack Sparrow from “Pirates of Carribean”, Lea from “Star Wars” and many others (24tv).


And main event of Comic Con was presence of company Boosteroid Cloud Platform, which collected at their stand a lot of gamers of any age. Visitors could get acquainted with working principal of cloud service Boosteroid not only theoretically, but also practically – playing on PCs or Smart TV with Boosteroid mobile gamepad.


Boosteroid team brought really old laptops and invited everyone to play AAA games with their service and of course it worked perfectly. Another day even gaming tournament happened and gamers conquered in last version of “Mortal Combat”. Happy winners left place with nice prizes from Boosteroid. Keep in touch competition from Boosteroid continues!


Try to play human group if you are an alien in new game “Humanity”


THA and Tetsuya Mizuguchi’s studio Enhance who created “Tetris Effect” had announced about new game “Humanity” which will surprise with it interesting topic – aliens pretending humans.


Gameplay is about aliens simulating human groups and moving them in different forms. If you check the game you can only think about strangeness of crowds. Players will conquer in battles with stream of thousand human beings floating and it’s not clear how it will work.


Game develops in cooworking with Mizuguchi’s team, so it may carry over some of those games` hypnotic qualities, but its not a guarantee of creating classic hits like “Rez” or “Lumines” (Engadget).


“Humanity” will be released in 2020 (for PS4 and PSVR).


Mortal show “Total Lockdown” gets nice reviews


New cyberpank game “Total Lockdown”, developed under Russian studio Panzar got “Game without Borders” award as the best multiplayer game. Company has opened early access of alpha-version in March, 2019 and had already collected good reviews from dynamic futuristic shooter fans.


Gameplay of “Total Lockdown” allows players to conquer in cyberpank royal battle, which acts inside huge skyscraper-hive. When you come inside you become a hero of cruel and entertaining TV-show. During combats some stages becomes gradually unaccesseble. You need to stay alive in vertical brutal skirmishes to win. (Igromania)


Game “Total Lockdown” is available for trying in test mode free of charge at the moment.


Meet “The Last of Us 2” release in February, 2020


Thousands of admirers can finally be relaxed because the release date of last big PS4 exclusive “Last of Us 2” of the generation is announced. Developer Naughty Dog and Sony presented announcement of next chapter and new trailer on State of Play live stream.


The delay of highly anticipated game caused of another kid “Death Stranding” to allow it

grab maximum attention. Thefore creators doesn’t point will the game be available for PC or for PS5, which launches same year (Gamesradar).


What is new in “Last of Us 2” in comparing with first part? Players will play from the third face and enjoy new improved animation, new analogue stels system and game engine. Adventure action “Last of Us 2” will be really something big and great, what the game size emphasizes – it barely fitted on two discs.


Game “The Last of Us 2” will be released on February, 21st, 2020 (for PS4 only).


Twitch will use Internet Gaming Database for better game search


Streaming video platform for gamers made strategic move to take more stable positions of leader in gaming segment. With buying of IGDB or the Internet Games Database it improves game search to provide better community-like experience to gamers of entire world and for more then 3 million monthly game streamers.


Sweden-based IGDB start up had goal to create biggest word gaming catalogue like an IMDb about movies. It provided users with a list of useful information about games: descriptions, genres, supported platforms, reviews, ratings, storyline, publishers, release dates, characters, and game modes (FORBES).


“Millions of people come to Twitch every day to find and connect with their favorite streamers and communities, and we want to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. IGDB has developed a comprehensive gaming database, and we’re excited to bring them on to help us more quickly improve and scale search and discovery on Twitch,” said CEO of the company Emmett Shear.


IGDB will help Twitch to solve the lack of functionality in their search and to make finding content more easily without difficult features. With new owner Twitch and as a part of it, IGDB will become free of charge and site with all its interface will continue to exist separately as well as IGDB will be merged with Twitch.


Google repeats for Apple with new Videogame Service Play Pass


Less then two weeks ago Apple had presented its new gaming service and Google decided not to graze the back and launched Subscription Videogame Service Play Pass. It was created as a part of plan of Google Stadia streaming platform.


Interesting fact that, creators even offer almost same price as Apple with only +0.59% unveiled. Already from September, 23rd Play Pass started rolling out to Android devices in the U.S and in coming months it will become available in other countries.


Service gives access to more than 350 games and apps without annoying advertisements or nudging users of buying something. The novelty doesn’t seem very exclusive because at the same time Android users are still able to use Google Play store supported by app purchases and ads (WSJ).


Except games, which contain two-thirds of the apps in Play Pass, one third will be dedicated to range of topics, including productivity and education, fitness, weather etc. Service will come also to the mobile and it will be a challenge to involve users for paid subscription because most of mobile app games are free.


Google Subscription Videogame Service Play Pass will cost $4.99 a month and offer games without in-app purchases and productivity apps.


Get ready to scream from horror with “Doom: Annihilation” movie


It’s just short time stayed till Halloween comes and entartaiment companies already announce some surprises. One of it is Universal 1440 Entertainment, the production arm of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment who wants to open a portal to Hell with this Halloween season’s “Doom: Annihilation”.


“On the darkest moon of Mars, scientists have found an ancient portal which allows teleportation throughout the universe. Considered to be mankind’s greatest discovery, it’s actually a gateway from hell, unleashing a swarm of demons looking to steal the souls of everyone who gets in their way. It’s up to Lieutenant Joan Dark and an elite unit of Marines to destroy an ever-growing horde of bloodsucking and soul-stealing beasts and prevent them from taking over planet earth.”


This will be really new and incredibly terrify direct-to-video adaptation of the “Doom” video game franchise. Preapare to meet even more scary character, as director Tony Giglio describes on Twitter: “In place of horns we gave its charred skin sharp edges for a more organic horn. We kept its glowing eyes & wide open screaming mouth.” (Bloody-Disgusting)


Movie will be directed under leadership of Tony Giglio, previously worked on “S.W.A.T.: Under Siege”. For the cast it will be such stars as Amy Manson, Nina Bergman, Luke Allen-Gale, and Dominic Mafham.


Movie “Doom: Annihilation” which comes out on October, 1st, is available for pre-order on DVD or Blu-ray.


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So for this week that’s all folks! But this is only about world gaming news. Boodsteroid still has a lot of interesting and useful info to share with you.


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Thank you for the time you spend reading this. Please, leave any comments or likes what emotions we caused, and you will make our heart warm.


And now let’s go play the best games from Boosteroid Gaming Catalogue. “EVE”, “Fortnite”, “League of Legends”, “Doom” and many others!


With love and best wishes, your Boosteroid Cloud Platform.






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