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Great day to our favorite Boosteroid gamers! Its Friday today, and it means you`ll have much more time on the weekend to play best games with Boosteroid Cloud Platform. But first, allow us to offer you some interesting news about what had happened during this week. 

This week Boosteroid Cloud Company has made one more special competition, for the International Boss Day everyone could get FREE subscription for 1 month to use Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform for instant playing of AAA games. Congratulations to the winners, and keep in touch, we`ll give more prizes. Follow updates and try you best chance!

The main new of the week without any doubt it’s a Fortnite finalization. 

World famous “Fortnite” finished its first season

During last week all internet became red from sad pictures with the end of game loved by millions “Fortnite”. But no need to cry, the Chapter 2 will begin after game returns from black hole. It means that only Season 10 of “Fortnite” has finished and very close time new age will bring a whole new map and features.

And it will be even better! New chapter will take back story from the black hole and present to players totally new map to explore and a bunch of fresh features. It is not the first time when game finishes like this, similar epic final was also at the end of fourth season, when it finished with a rocket launch.

Season 10’s became unplayable and first lucky gamers, who received early access after Tuesday`s darkness event were directed to the Fortnite’s new age. New part allows some new features like swimming, fishing, pogo sticks and boats. (Cnet)

New robot battle game Raivo got $1 million for development

If you got bored of your friend and want to create dream team, maybe new robot-battle game Raivo from Utopos Games made for you. Developers who are real game industry veterans funded almost $1 million for its creation.

“Utopos Games is a new game studio by true game industry veterans,” said Penttinen. “Most of us worked together 20 years ago at Westwood Studios, and have since then ventured out to become art directors, studio leads, Oscar and Emmy winners, eSports world champions … you name it. Earlier this year, a group of us got together and started talking about how amazing it would be to work together again. I was working as an Entrepreneur in Residence at VC fund ByFounders at the time. They agreed that this is a great opportunity for me to jump back to founding a new company, and here we are, making the dream come true.”

New video-game will allow players collecting and training of the robot`s team to become great fighters. Then robots will conquer online matches against robots trained by other players around the world. And these robots are not just a mass of iron, they are intelligent and fast learning thanks to the latest AI technology.

“In Raivo, you raise your robots as if they are your pets,” said John Comes, lead designer of Utopos Games. “We have taken a lot of influence from Pokemon in that regard. When the robots fight, it happens autonomously, based on the training you have provided. In short, they fight the way you trained them to fight. This brings in elements from games like Dota Auto Chess and Championship Manager.” (Venturebeat)

New game Raivo will be released in the second quarter of 2020 (for PC, for console and mobile later).

Another feelings game “Missed Messages” find its admirers

New kid from solo developer Angela He is the perfect encapsulation of short game if you don’t have enough time for gaming. “Missed Messages” is a powerful romance / horror game about communicating. In video-game you play as a college-aged girl who lives with her roommate May, who can be in suicide risk.

You wake up and explore your room, where you can click on different objects like plants or books, and every your move accompanied by an inner monologue. This allows you to understand the main character. Then you open your laptop, choose music you like and start making of homework, and respond messages to your friends. All other pathways depend from your answers and actions, and you can try again and again to get another impact.  And don’t forget about May! (The Verge)

Pricing: Free if you are Steam-member (for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.) 

Video game “Star Citizen” got big update in multiplayer mode

Next news will be useful for those gamers who prefer multiplayer mode. Some additions came to the “Star Citizen”, which makes it more attractive. From now game developers have added vast subsurface cave systems on planets, moons, and asteroids. Player can enter those caves with other players to use a handheld mining tool for extracting of resources.

One more nice advantage if comparing with previous game is “Quantum Enforcement” devices, what you can now use for pulling of ships. New version allows players to pull ships out of faster-than-lightspeed travel. Similar system to the interdiction mechanic was firstly noticed in “Elite: Dangerous” and is expected to add some new gameplay for those interested in piracy. (Polygon)

The game is available for testing of version “Alfa 3.7” at official site. 

Play games and help to cure sick kids!

If you hear from anyone that playing video-games is just time wastage, don’t listen to them! Now you can play video games and at the same time help sick kids.  This became possible thanks to one initiative charity program.

Organization “Extra Life” unites thousands of gamers around the world for helping of curing kids. Anyone can join to the project and play games in support of their local Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. Only from 2008th company “Extra Life” has raised over $50 million for sick and injured kids. Let’s make good things together! (Wearecentralpa)

Top 5 Joker representations in video-games

Traditionally we decided to finish Boosteroid Digest News with movie-gaming article. Recently another DC Comics movie was premiered in all world cinemas. Continuing this topic we want to offer you 5 best versions of Joker in video games, by IGN.

Firstly introduced in Batman #1 comic at 1940, The Joker appeared in much kind of media, including videogames. 

  1. Best representation of Joker is in “Batman: Arkham series”. When Mark Hamill’s turn as Joker in the Arkham series, it seems undoubtedly the best portrayal of the character in video games. And before he dies at the end, we can enjoy watching his crimes – taking over Arkham Island, exposing his henchmen with the Titan formula in an attempt to create a super army and many others. 
  1. Another nice Joker we can find in “Telltale’s Batman series”. The Joker from this video game lives original story of Batman and making mess at the city with other villains that include Bane, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, Catwoman, and Harley Quinn.
  1. Third place of the best Joker in video game we give to “Batman: Return of the Joker”. That is really nice version because Sega Genesis has made him similar to character from Tim Burton’s classic movie. In this game Joker fights with Batman and escapes from Arkham Asylum.
  1. First part of “Injustice” allows seeing Joker as well. Terrible criminal tricks Superman into killing his pregnant wife Lois Lane, eventually driving him insane and turning him evil. 

In “Injustice 2” Joker appears as a recurring hallucination for Harley Quinn, who has been exposed to Scarecrow’s fear gas. Here player can use Joker`s character to complete with signature moves including laughing gas, exploding chattering teeth, knives, guns, and even a shocking electric chair fatality move.

  1. LEGO Batman series – here Batman’s arch-nemesis followed every output from 2008, and in this game he is playable character, what happens not so often. Player can be Joker with its special abilities and costumes and cooperate with other heroes like Harley Quinn, Scarecrow, and other dastardly villains to spread Joker Gas around Gotham City.

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This was Weekly Boosteroid Digest News and we will meet with you next Friday! Thanks a lot for your attention and now let’s go gaming!

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