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But let’s start with news, because it’s Boosteroid Weekly Digest News which always at the guard for you to know all last updates about games and gaming.

Now you can watch Donald Trump on Twitch

Amazon’s video game streaming platform Twitch has announced that currant USA president joined their service to promote his 2020 presidential re-election campaign. One week ago on Thursday Trump has made his debut by live-streaming his Thursday rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota. So now you can watch not only game streams but president`s news as well, if it’s interesting for you of course.

Donald Trump`s account on Twitch has almost 40,000 followers. This step was the follow of political rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, who came to Twitch before and already having 88,000 followers. Trump is already known for being a prolific tweeter, so by joining Twitch he will try to get adherence of younger voters as the 2020 presidential campaign gets underway. (CNN)


Updates about new Batman`s game, now we know the name

We all waited for continuing of the DC Comics story and now developers has announced the name of next video game – “Batman: Arkham Legacy”. Most details still stay uncovered, but from this moment it’s clear that start time is near. These news are unofficial but it seems that WB Games Montréal’ new game will feature the entire Bat family of playable characters.

There were no new versions of Bat family games from 2015th and last one “Arkham Knight” remains one of the most baffling mysteries in gaming this generation. It has shown how quick most publishers can put out a sequel to a successful game.

At the moment there is no official word about release date of “Batman: Arkham Legacy”, but we`ll keep you updated when it will be launched. (Metro)

British video-game veterans invested €100 million to gaming start-up

Another gaming start-up will be launched by Hiro Capital, which has funded €100m to back development studios and esports technology. Organization of British video-game industry veterans including Ian Livingstone (previously executive chairman at Eidos) had helped before to bring to life “Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft” and the “Warhammer” fantasy games.

“We [the games industry] are in danger of becoming socially acceptable but the opportunity has been missed by VCs,” said Mr. Livingstone, a former adviser to the government on creative industries.

Company plans to make about 20 investments at the Series A and B stages, with one half in games development studios and the other half in areas such as esports, wearable devices for professional athletes and digital sports platforms and not prioritizing virtual reality deals. The goal of enthusiasts is to create gaming “third space”, where players can socialize and express themselves.

“Fortnite is a great example where gaming is bringing people together,” – commented Mr. Livingstone. (FT)


New game “Moons of Madness”: you didn’t know what fear means before

All space horror games lovers can check out new video game “Moons of Madness” from Rock Pocket Games and publisher Funcom. Everyone who tried it claims it really terrify. And what will be your idea?

The best terrifying experience this kid gives with disappearing apparition and a nimble multilimbed monster, which are some of the most frightening sights in the game. Game is single-player and offers beautiful interiors with their scary transformation as trick-or-treats for the eyes. Except this you can find cryptic messaging, meet nasty aliens and ghost-like creatures, mars monsters what might haunt your dreams.

“The game is set on the planet Mars in a not-so-distant future, and mixes the scientific exploration of the red planet with the supernatural dread of Lovecraftian horror,” – says press-release of Funcom.

The artwork for “Moons of Madness,” a 2019 P.C. game developed by Rock Pocket Games and published by Funcom. It will be available for PS4 and XBOX in late January 2020. Space.Com

“Moons of Madness” is already available from October 22nd for PC and will also be available for XBox and Playstation 4 from January 21st, 2020.

Pricing: $13.99


Meet new sports fan game “GreenPark” from YouTube founder

Chad Hurley who had founded Youtube secretly builds new sport fan game “GreenPark Sports”. New start-up is about hunting for what comes after fantasy sports. Players will get possibility of watching live and cheering for the athletes they love. Creation of this game is one of methods to make tangible objects that center Hurley`s individuality.

“There is an absence of compelling, inclusive ways for large masses of sports fans to compete together. The idea of a “sports fan” has evolved and it is now more a social behavior than ever before. We’re looking at a much bigger, inclusive way for all fans of sports and esports teams to play.”

Except few details there is no another info about new kid yet, because Chad says that they are not ready to disclose publicly the exact detailed gameplay yet. But working process is on, because the launching date is set on spring 2020. (Techcrunch)

Don’t play at home, visit new gaming café in NYC

Contemporary gamers are not staying at home all the time, that`s why we need more spaces for playing and gathering with one-minders. One of such places opens at downtown Troy of New York City.

So next time if you travel there you can visit esports and gaming hot spot “Waypoint Café” which will be opened few month later. In this café you can have all food services and coffee shop with about 50 to 60 stations for PC and console gaming. Except gaming people can come to work and just enjoy of the atmosphere.

It’s not the first gaming space from same owner Gigante, because current location in Manhattan’s Lower East Side frequently hosts tournaments for Super Smash Bros. and The Overwatch League, as well as community-based charity events. In new café same events will be available as well and Gigante hopes his cafe will serve as a community space for gamers. (Timesunion)

Stars from Sikth and Periphery will lend voices in video game “Disco Elysium”

Recently almost at the same time Sikth’s Mikee Goodman and Periphery’s Mark Holcomb had shared information about their involvement in ZAUM’s new PC game “Disco Elysium”. Stars said that they had an “awesome experience” of lending their voices to characters in one of the most critically acclaimed games of 2019.

 “The last few years casting, directing and producing voiceovers on this game has been an awesome experience! I loved it. The writing and art in this game is amazing, so unique and interesting”, – commented Goodman.

“ZAUM are such an inspiring games studio. I also play the characters which are in the head of the main player as he wakes up from a three-day drug and alcohol fuelled hangover! I stay with him throughout. People will recognize the tone of Ancient Reptilian Brain. Amazing game and an amazing cast of voices too. It’s one of the most unique, original role-playing experiences I’ve ever played, so naturally I jumped at the opportunity to be cast in the game.” – said Holcomb, who voiced the characters of Manana and Tommy in “Disco Elysium”, with the guitarist admitting he’s a “role-playing game nerd at heart,” and adds: “

New game “Disco Elysium” was developed in genre of the open world noir-detective game and already available for playing. (Theloudersound)

Pricing: $18.50

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