GTA games are the series of popular video games which differs with very quality graphics, interesting plot and action freedom. Simply put, GTA is grand car theft. Player acts as a criminal in the big city, where he moves on story line and builds his career of a gangster. 

At the game process player will fulfill various missions, like a car stealing, bank robbery, contract killings and other crime actions. In GTA you are able to make everything and anything you want – you can find job or leave it, and only you are the one who decide which mission to make or pass. Game gives a lot of shooters, supercar thefts, and meetings with heads of crime bands, parties and a lot of other staff. You can escape from policemen or be the policeman and fight with criminals.

Virtual world of GTA is awesome and maybe there is no one at the planet who doesn’t know how funny you can spend your time in attractive and exciting Grand Theft Auto games. 

But when you played it many times you want to find something new, even say “good buy” to GTA. With Boosteroid you can still find something you didn’t know about GTA, because today we`ll uncover some hidden things, what only experts can find in Grand Theft Auto V.

Most players who played often in GTA saw that this game has many secrets and Easter eggs and newest version GTA V is the same. Video game has really big maps and some hidden locations, pop culture references and random encounters are easily found by all players, but some of them can be opened only by those who deep profoundly inside Los Santos. 

And whether you play GTA only sometimes or all the time like a hardcore fanatic you will open secrets which are hidden every place in game – on the streets, or desert, in the water or on cloudy mountains, everywhere. Even a fact that this video game is too old, but players still find something new at new and old versions.

  1. Scene from movie “No Country For Old Men”

Video game GTA V is full of movie references and one of them can be found, if you travel to A Mount Chiliad State Wilderness Park. If comparing to original part from picture “No Country For Old Men” about Thelma & Louise, GTA 5th version is much darker, but almost repeats all actions.

Players will find a handful of abandoned cars, where happened massive gunfight. And same as in movie player can find $25,000 in a shiny case at the back of pick-up truck.  This event doesn’t happen every time you come to this part, because is technically a “random encounter”, what means one time it happen and another it doesn’t. 

  1. Be like Bond, James Bond

Next legendary car you can find in GTA during completion of the mission “Deep Inside,” and it bears the license plate “JB 700”. This is really valuable achievement because it is the James Bond`s car. 

Players can buy a prime classic car from James Bond by Michael Townley for $475,000. But don’t expect too much – it’s a pity, but there is no mounted machine guns as in movie.

  1. Meet a giant Snowman

Next secret trick in GTA which not all players can find is a reference to “Frosty the Snowman”, a fictional personality that people love to talk about in winter time. This event we has to be thankful to one of the developer who`s the big fan of Frosty.

 During winter part in one of the cold storage facilities players will face a giant snowman, who will greet them. Focus on the area of La Mesa to find this nice Whity.

  1. Not only movie but show Master Chief as well

At the epoch of streams and cosplays, GTA doesn’t want to stay apart only making references to movies, comics and music. Passionate players who discover the game can meet master chief, hanging out near a movie theater. 

The trick is to pass the way head to Vineland and move to a movie theater where a group of guys dressed similar to Master Chief – albeit with a low-budget “cosplay” version of the iconic Spartan armor.

  1. The trap on a cliff for Thelma and Louise

When players travel at mountain Chiliad, they can find two women hanging out on the cliffs surrounded by police. This is another reference to famous movie of 1991st “Thelma & Louise” 

  1. A strange map at the peak of mount Chiliad

Continuing weird theme of mount Chiliad, if you reach the peak, you will be awarded with one more secret of GTA – strange map located there. Unfortunately, no one yet understood what does it means and where it should direct. But maybe it can be a chance for you to open this secret for the world?

  1. The Vinewood Zombie walks on the streets

Vinewood area of Los Santos in video game GTA is an obvious reference to the real area of Hollywood, but with one difference here you can meet tons of NPCs acting weird. One of such strange person is the Vinewood Zombie. Interesting that he don`t try to eat your brain, because few minutes later you figure out that it, perhaps, just an actor wearing zombie character. 

  1. Secret sand shark from Vespucci Beach

There are a lot of sharks in GTA 5, but only sand shark is secret and rare creature. It’s not so difficult to find sand shark, just check for sandcastles on Vespucci Beach.  

  1. Legendary forest monster Bigfoot is here

The most legendary creature which appears during one of the story missions, when the player is sniping the O’Neils during the mission “Predator,” Bigfoot can be found roaming around in the forest. Chase quickly, because only few seconds and he disappears. And in GTA 5th it is the first time, when players can exactly confirm that they saw Bigfoot, not like at the days of San Andreas.

  1. Three PCs riding bikes from GTA: San Andreas

Plenty of GTA fans believe that GTA: San Andreas was the best part of game series. Counting this fact developers couldn`t refuse impact for new version as well. In GTA 5 players can still visit Grove Street, where they find three NPCs riding bikes – CJ, Big Smoke, and Sweet.

  1. Explore ocean deeply and see giant bones

Except land supernatural creatures there is a lot inside the ocean in GTA. For example, during exploring the seas players find giant bones at the bottom. There are many kinds of explanation whose these bones were to belong – the Loch Ness Monster, the prehistoric gigantic shark Megaladon, or even massive whale from the novel “Moby Dick”. 

To check these secret bones move to the Eastern edge of the map and guess what giant beast was it. 

  1. Most strange GTA 5th secret – underwater hatch

Another mysterious secret can be found inside the sea is underwater hatch. If you find it at the bottom of the sea be careful because it is so deep that water pressure makes it impossible to get close to. And even it`s not possible to enter, players can read a coded message in tap code. 

Then if you watched “Lost”, you`ll understand that it`s a reference to this movie and Roman Bellic from GTA IV. 

  1. Rear supernatural creature the Goatman

Only diligent players could find this legendary supernatural creature – the Goatman. That is not a character every player talks about, comparing to Bigfoot for example. But those who saw him say that his nature seems as humanoid with furry goat legs and two large horns. 

If you`ll be lucky enough you can meet him at the area of the Catfish View Bridge? But no one can promise, because this secret is really rare. 

  1. Secret, which is easy to find

And now let`s talk about secret which is really easy to find, but it still worth talking about. We believe that gamers who played GTA 5 actually found big face carved into the mountain of Mount Chiliad. And even the fact that some players didn`t find it and other doesn`t think it`s definitely the face, but that exactly not just a rock formation. 

And if you are on a side that it`s a face, you have to know what people thinks whose this face might be. One of the variant is that it`s a face of Jesse Pinkman from “Breaking Bad”, another says that it seems as a representation of the face of one of the games developers behind GTA V. So everyone free to decide what to think. 

  1. Things go weird at the zone of Bermuda Triangle in GTA 5

Mystic Bermuda Triangle is an area off the coast of Florida famous for all manner of strange and unexplained phenomena, for example planes which enter this area have completely disappeared, ships have gone missing and things generally get a little weird with people entering this zone.

GTA 5 developers couldn`t pass this interesting topic and put own Bermuda Triangle inside video game in Paleto Bay. As in real Bermuda Triangle, players who enter it become teleported backwards, without their vehicles and some objects from their inventory go missing as well.

  1. All secrets you need in Collector`s Edition map 

Real secret treasure is the Collector`s Edition map. This piece is filled with the important information about location of all of the secrets in the world of GTA V. So if you are hunter for secret treasure this map will be crucially useful for you. And notice that secrets on map only will be visible after exposure of a black light. And then you will see where to check for hidden areas and UFOs and many others secrets. 

  1. The Infinity Villain – follow the secrets

Most often if we find secret in GTA it seems as a stable and no gameplay is involved. But here player face with something infinite and mystery. The Infinity Villain will send players on a wild scavenger hunt instead of just stumbling onto a weird scene. 

You will follow the secrets around as a set of clues, leading them to the criminal. All following pictures as graffiti and creepy nursery rhymes will help you move through map and reach a cell block in the prison at the finish.

  1. The ghost who appears only 11 pm

More weird things for you not to get bored with the game – there is a ghost of Mount Gordo aka Jolene Cranley-Evans in Grand Theft Auto 5. Same as during the days of San Andreas, where supernatural place Area 51 was attracting, new version has plenty of oddities. The only thing is you have to know where to look for.

If you are the one of veterans of the GTA 5, appearance of the ghost of Mount Gordo only at 11 pm will not be a surprise for you. But for those who are new, need first to check the entire backstory, of this ghost who was Jolene Cranely-Evans when alive.

  1. When UFO can be found?

Some of the UFOs only appear after the player has achieved 100% completion of the game. First one solitary UFO can be found on the crashed underwater on the north side of the map. Another three come at Sandy Shores, near Fort Zancudo, and at the place with mass of weird things Mount Chiliad.

  1. Secret place with aliens

If you want to meet aliens in GTA, it`s not so difficult. At once from the beginning in prologue part if you simply move under the bridge you`ll find an alien clearly preserved under the ice. It seems that developers had an idea to hide the secret at the place where no one would start to look for – at the beginning. 

Come on, open now Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform and play GTA 5 in full HD quality with perfect speed and try to check all these tricks and secrets we shared with you! If you find something new please write us in our group Boosteroid Facebook or at our community in Discord. Let`s play GTA 5 together, yyeeeah!


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