Firstly let’s note that all cloud services, including Boosteroid are working by similar principal – cloud platform, which works with remote servers processing data for quality picture and fast gaming. But Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Service is much better! Why? Allow us to compare with one of other services, and it`ll make you sure.

  1. Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform has already passed all testing and now working without excuses. Another service is still on the way to be launched, but who knows will it happen or not. 
  2. Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform is available everywhere in the world; only the best experience is now at Romania, but very close time new regions will be added. If you enter another service`s site it will tell you if you belong to countries which that cloud will cover, otherwise you cannot even try the service.
  3. Different service promise to offer at least 31 games in its service, but in Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform you can already play much more, and list replenishes very quickly.
  4. One more thing about game`s catalogue – only 31+ games in different service, and developers will decide which games to add next. With Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform you are able to ask for adding your favorite game and we`ll do this in a short term!
  5. The price. Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform available with membership for EUR 9,99/month with three days of free trial. One another service requires a payment of $130 for a hardware starter kit with three months of premium service, and $10 a month afterwards. The difference is obvious.
  6. Other service promise, that it will offer list of free games for its subscribers, but in fact only game “Destiny” is available for now. Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform already offers its subscribers 25 free games and list is refilling.
  7. Different cloud service requires buying of its special controllers for gaming. Boosteroid doesn`t require any additional device, only browser and stable internet connection.
  8. In future another service`s controllers will cost $70 each and on Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform its virtual mobile controller is free for downloading.
  9. One of other services will be available for gaming only through Pixel 3 or Pixel 3A smartphones, Boosteroid will be available on any smartphone with 5G next year.
  10. Boosteroid provide you with 60FPS/1080p stream with perfect sound and different service gives you 4K, 60fps stream with 5.1 surround sound but only if you’ve got the required 35Mbps of bandwidth.
  11. A lot of gaming bloggers have tried Boosteroid and already much more than happy with the power of Boosteroid Service. For another services still only talking about.
  12. Other services have only site for preorder and Boosteroid site is showing game`s library and blog, where you can check news and tricks about games and gaming world.
  13. Different service talks how great service will be, but Boosteroid showit on practice in its new videos about gaming through Boosteroid in Facebook and Youtube.
  14. Another service promise to make discounts for games only if you choose more expensive tariff plan, and Boosteroid has only one tariff plan without additional payments and making often giveaways and competitions.
  15. All other services just cloud platforms, but Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform is much bigger: it sponsors gaming teams and more.
  16. Boosteroid is a sponsor of young football team from Ukraine, neither does another ones. 
  17. Boosteroid has already very nice interface, which is comfortable and easy to use.
  18. Boosteroid provide easy and fast membership with only three steps – sign in, get the letter, pay your subscription and start gaming!  
  19. Other service requires internet connection not lower than 10 Mbps for 720P, 20 Mbps for 1080P and 35 Mbps for 4K image and Boosteroid provide 1080P with internet not lower than 15 Mbps and even 10 Mbps if connected via cable.
  20. Different service will ask you to download their special browser but Boosteroid won`t – you wouldn`t need any downloading or installations to play with our service.
  21. Boosteroid will provide many interesting promotions and loyalty programs and organize gaming championships.
  22. With Boosteroid you can continue playing your game after paused next time when enter Boosteroid Cloud Platform, or start new session as you wish.
  23. Boost – means increase your possibilities for unlimited gaming. It means Boosteroid is really cool name. Other names are exactly not so cool.
  24. Another service is one of the projects of big corporation, so it just a part which can be successful or not. If not, they`ll just start something another. Boosteroid is working mainly on Boosteroid Cloud Platform, it`s our big lovely kid, and we`ll make everything to improve it and make it the best in the world.
  25. Next year Boosteroid will work on virtual reality gaming. Other services has no answer for this question.
  26. No “GTA” on other services, but Boosteroid has “GTA 5” already.
  27. Boosteroid already has “Fortnite” available for playing and different service still did not confirm about it, so perhaps it won`t be there.
  28. Boosteroid has “Call of Duty”, other cloud service for gaming doesn`t plan to have it.
  29. No “CSGO” on another services, but Boosteroid has it.
  30. When others promise to have “Borderlands 3”, Boosteroid already has added “Borderlands 5”.
  31.  “Watch Dogs Legion” at other service, but new “Watch dogs 2” at Boosteroid.
  32. “Apex” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  33. “Bioshock Infinity” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  34. “Dirt 4” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  35. “Dota 2” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  36. “Fallcut 4” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  37. “Farcry 5” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  38. “Crossout” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  39. “Resident Evil: Biohazard” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  40. “Dishonored 2” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  41. “Devil May Cry 5” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  42. “Battlegrounds” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  43. “Overwatch” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  44. “Final Fantasy…”– only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  45. “League of Legends” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  46. “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  47. “FIFA 19” – only on Boosteroid, no on Google Stadia.
  48. “Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  49. “The Witcher…”– only on Boosteroid, no on another services.
  50. “Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night” – only on Boosteroid, no on another services.

And much more games are available for playing with Boosteroid. So what else you are waiting for? Come on open Boosteroid and start gaming, because as you see that`s exactly the best cloud platform in the world!


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