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We have a number of cross-industry partners in many different countries and are looking forward to co-operating with everyone for the benefit of our users, partners and us. At Boosteroid we believe that together we can do more.

We can offer a mutually beneficial cooperation for:

Software developers and publishers

Today many people are unable to use different high-end apps because of the low-performance hardware. When a software is uploaded to the Boosteroid platform - it’s simply no longer an issue. Boosteroid can significantly increase the number of users of every app available on the platform.

Game devs and publishers

According to the statistics provided by Steam, around 50% of potential users cannot enjoy a number of high-end games due to low-performance devices they own. Boosteroid can open up new horizons for both newcomers and industry leaders by making any high-end game available to everyone who has an Internet connection.

Youtubers, streamers, bloggers, and others

If you have a travel, music, food or whatever blog, if you are a streamer or if you are doing something online and share it with other people, you can tell them how cool Boosteroid is. Contact us if you are interested.

Millions of new users will enjoy your games

Boosteroid paltform is rapidly expanding

in late 2019 we’ll have up to 10 000 000 users

in late 2021 we’ll have up to 100 000 000 users

We are ready to negotiate the best conditions for every partner who uploads their game to Boosteroid.

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