Connection quality test
A ping test will show the quality of your internet connection
and how close are you to our servers
Oh dear :(
All seems great! You are pretty close to our data centers
Not perfect, but you will be able to play games at good quality.
Weak connection, we can’t promise decent gaming process. But you can try at you own risk
You seem to have a lot of barriers on your way to us. Unfortunately you won’t be able to play
Connection improvement tips
  • Try to use cable connection instead of Wi-Fi (if possible) or switch to a 5GHz router
  • Stop any ongoig downloads and close Internet-consuming processes
  • Check if anyone is sharing Internet connection with you, ask them kindly to not overload the channel
  • Set a strong Wi-Fi password, sharing with neighbours is nice, but costly
What is a connection quality test?

It’s a test that measures your ping.

Ping measures the minimum required time to send echo request packets from you to our servers and back to you. It’s calculated in milliseconds and shows us whether you will have delays in response from the servers. So the smaller ping is, the better Internet connection you have.

Why is ping important?

The higher ping you have, the bigger delay you will experience while making actions in a game, which is critical for online games. Example: Imagine yourself playing Call of Duty. Your target is on the move. You make a shot, but while the signal from your computer goes to the servers and back, your target has already moved a few meters away from the place you shot. Ugh! If you ping is high you will probably not enjoy your game.

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