Answers to the most common questions


  • Why are we holding the final ICO stage?

    When we completed our previous ICO stage, some significant investors expressed their interest in Boosteroid and decided to help scale the project all over the world. That is why we decided to hold a final ICO stage. Big investments collected through the ICO will increase BTR token rate on the exchange. Besides, it will help us expand our servers so that Boosteroid platform will be available wherever there is an Internet connection.

  • Are there any significant changes implemented before the final ICO stage and how much does BTR token cost?

    We decided to make BTR token even more valuable for our investors. The token is no longer limited to one hour of 8 GPU-based server operation, as it used to be. Now one BTR corresponds to one hour or more, and this time is determined by BTR's exchange rate. When BTR exchange rate increases, users will get more working hours per each BTR. In case BTR costs less than a price of our service, users will still be provided with at list one hour of work on Boosteroid platform per each BTR . At the final ICO stage the price of a BTR token is $2.78.

  • When is the final ICO stage held?

    Boosteroid final ICO stage starts on September 10th and will continue untill September 26th, 2018. When it's completed, all unsold tokens will expire.

  • When do you plan to list BTR tokens on crypto exchanges?

    BTR will be listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges when the ICO is completed.

  • What if there are any limits or restrictions in Boosteroid beta?

    During Boosteroid beta there is a limited number of free apps available in Boostore. You can use the platform in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Each user is provided with three hours of work on Boisteroid platform.

  • When is the platform fully launched?

    Boosteroid cloud platform is currently ready to operate. However, we still have to add more software products to Boostore application store and launch more servers to ensure that users have access to Boosteroid from all around the globe. In November, 2018, the full Boosteroid functionality will become available.

  • What can I by BTR tokens with during the final ICO stage?

    As at the previous ICO stage, we enable investors to purchase BTR tokens with BTC, BCH, LTC and ETH. You can also pay with fiat if the purchase is $1,000,000 or more and in this case we'll negotiate it directly.

  • How many tokens are available for sale?

    89 245 085.72 BTR are available for sale at the final ICO stage. All unsold tokens will expire after the ICO.

  • How can I install apps to work on Boosteroid platform?

    You should register on Boosteroid website. When the registration is completed, you will see Boostore on the platform's cloud home screen. Just click or tap on Boostore and you'll see the list of software products available there. Choose the needed app and click "Add". The app will be installed on your cloud home screen immediately. You can launch it right away by clicking "Launch App" directly from Boostore or go back to your cloud home screen.

  • How can I pay for Boosteroid services?

    Users can pay both with BTR tokens and fiat money.

  • Where will Boosteroid be available?

    When the platform is launched, Boosteroid will be available in North America, Europe and Western Asia. By 2020 users from all over the world will have an opportunity to enjoy our service. Feel free to check our website to track the expansion of Boosteroid network and see where the service is becoming available!